Hello and Welcome

Southwest Florida Trans* Support Group provides a safe, supportive and secure environment for Transgender, Transsexual and Gender Variant people and their loved ones.


Our Groups are facilitated by Mary G. Davenport , PhD., and  Heather D. Eslien, M.A., RMHCI 

Mary and Heather offer their time and expertise pro bono, therefore there is no charge for the screening interviews or for the support groups (with the exception of the Loved Ones Group - see below). Currently  we offer three different groups that each meet once a month.


The 1st Saturday of each month:


Trans* Feminine Support Group


This group provides a safe,  supportive and empowering environment focused on Trans* Feminine folks regardless of where they are in their journey, offering emotional and social support as well as practical information. Our group is facilitated by a licensed psychotherapist, Gender Specialist Mary G. Davenport, Ph.D. Before participating, all prospective group members are asked to contact Dr. Davenport by phone at (941)-366-3134 to schedule a brief screening interview.  This is necessary to protect group members as well as to insure that the group is an appropriate fit for you. 


The 2nd Saturday of each month:


Trans* Masculine Support Group


This includes any and all folks who identify from a male and/or masculine perspective who were AFAB (Assigned Female at Birth) be they Trans*gender, Genderqueer, Butch, etc. All sexual orientations are welcome. Wherever you are in your process, come share your story, learn from others and empower yourself in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. This is a free monthly support group facilitated by a psychotherapist (RMHCI) and Gender Specialist. If interested, you will need to contact Heather Eslien for a brief screening to ensure the group would be a good fit for you at (941)-840-0878 or heather.d.eslien@gmail.com

The 3rd Saturday of each month:


Loved Ones of Trans* and Gender Variant Individuals


The people who love and support Trans individuals often have questions and concerns of their own, as dealing with a loved ones transition can be a challenging process. Loved ones go through a transition process of their own, specific to their relationships as partners, parents, friends and family members. This group will offer a space for them to come together and share their stories and experiences as well as provide support for each other.  There is a $20 fee to attend this support group, facilitated by a psychotherapist (RMHCI) and Gender Specialist.  If this fee poses a particular hardship to anyone, please contact the facilitator.  * Please note this particular group is for non-trans identified individuals only.*  If  interested,  you will need to contact Heather Eslien for a brief screening to ensure this group would be a good fit for you at (941)-840-0878 or heather.d.eslien@gmail.com


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